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From prospective adoptive parents:

We learned so much from the courses. At times it was difficult to read about the conditions/treatment of children in other countries, but it helped us to see some of the things that we might face with our own adopted child. All of the course were helpful in better understanding this process. We really enjoyed the Travel and Transition course. We felt like it helped calm some of our anxieties about traveling. We would highly recommend your courses to other parents in the process of adopting.
F.S. and Q.S.

We're taking these courses in preparation for our upcoming adoption, but I am finding so much of value in this information that pertains to the angel we adopted 7 years ago! This is just the refresher course that I needed to guide my current parenting. Many thanks!

Thank you for your website and classes. We live in a rural area and to attend the classes the agency offers would be a real hardship. I was happy to find your site that made it all so simple and affrodable. Other sites are a bit more complicated. So, thank you!

My wife and I have thoroughly enjoyed these courses and we believe that this was the best money spent during out adoption process.
D.B. and S.B.

I have to say that I was really glad to have gone through the course material provided by Adoption Education. When I heard we had to do this I thought of it as just one more thing to get done, but it turned out to be very interesting and helpful.
T.M. and J.M.

We just want to tell you that your classes are wonderful! We loved that we were able to print out all of the material and both read it on our own time and then take the tests together. Very convenient to do at home and very informative. We learned a lot and wanted to thank you!
K.S. and T.S.

We found the lessons very interesting and made us think about a lot of things that we otherwise would not have. They prompted a lot of discussions between us.
F.S. and L.S.

Thank you! I learned a lot. I think what I learned will be valuable to me as I proceed on this journey....

Thank you for providing these courses on-line to make it more excessable to families then to attend courses in person. All of the information obtained was of value.
L.H. and D.H.

My husband and I have been reading various books pertaining to international adoption and found your courses to provide us with more valuable information than anything we had read prior. Thank you so much for creating a place for parents to go to get useful information about adoption. Keep up the fantastic work!!!
S.H. and L.F.

I think the Adoption Education courses are very informative. I have printouts of all the chapters, so that I can refer back to key sections as I get nearer to a referral. Most of the info is more relevant for once I return with my child, but there are some good tips about what to do/bring when I'm overseas......These course materials are great and the developers did a great job preparing them!

I thought the materials were very informative and interesting. The quiz questions accurately reflected the most important topics covered in each section.
P.D. and D.D.

I just wanted to say thank you again for making this training possible. We have learned a lot through it and [are] a little more prepared for the coming adjustments ... Thank you again....
V.W. and S.W.

Thanks very much! This is a great site and service!!!
D.B. and J.B.


I really appreciate the opportunity to look at the course content, and I'm impressed with all you have done to make the information 'user friendly!'
Barbara, LSSW

I finished the review of all your courses today and I was very impressed with their quality.
Ellen, LCSW

Your courses are very informative and well organized. I was impressed by how user friendly they were. Thank you for having these available for families out there!

The topics look great and I look forward to establishing a relationship with you.
Michelle, LCSW

I reviewed the materials on your online courses and found the information you provided to be very useful and helpful for prospective adoptive families. However, due to the high incidence of fetal alcohol syndrome and alcohol related neurological disorders in adopted children (US and international) I feel there needs to be extensive information included on this condition and its major impact on children.
Cathy, Adoption Agency Director

NOTE: We added our Fetal Alcohol Syndrom course in November 2006 in response to this and other feedback we received; keep it coming!

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